Sulphur (Granular, Lump & Powder)

Sulphur is one of the most important elements and is essential for life. It’s an integral component of the world economy used to manufacture many products including several chemicals and fertilizers.

It is also is a vital nutrient for humans, crops and animals. Aside from this, the element is used in many other ways. It is the primary source to produce sulphuric acid, which is one of the world’s most used chemicals. Sulphuric acid is also used as an essential intermediate in many processes in the manufacturing and chemical industries. Another use is by the fertilizer industry to manufacture mostly phosphates, and also potassium, nitrogen, and sulphate fertilizers. In many other industries, it’s used for fibres, non-ferrous metals, carbon disulphide, synthetic rubber vulcanization, water treatment pigments, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, agricultural products, cosmetics and steel pickling. The material is also one of the essential plant nutrients. The versatility of sulphur can be attributed to its unique properties.

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