Residue wax

Residue wax is remained product after processing or de-oiling slack wax when the slack wax pressurized to taking out specified oil percent for making paraffin waxResidue wax has too much oil, up to 50%. Because of using a lot in making match industries, It is called Foots Oil, as well. Our products are producing by full QC supervision according to the ASTM standard and will be guaranteed by Royal Global Energy

Application of Residue wax (Foots oil)

Residue wax (Foots Oil), is commonly used in making match industries. Also, It is applying in shoemaking, Plastic, Polishing, and wood industries. Meanwhile, residue wax use as It, Grease row material, making tires, by its own properties.

Packing for Residue wax

Our Residue Wax is packing in some different types according to the customer order. Foots oil offered in Bulk liquid by Tankers, in 500-1000 kg Jumbo bag or pack in new/second-hand drums.

Residue wax, export destination

Our Residue Wax is exporting to some European, African, South America, Middle East,… countries according to residue wax properties and related applications.

Our Residue Wax is producing, packing, exporting under RGE  authorization in accordance with ASTM standard by the best Iranian Residue Wax raw material, quality.

For taking the updated price for Residue wax and knowing more about further details, please contact us

Technical Specification of Residue wax

Oil content30-50 % wtASTM D-721
Melting Point40-50 ◦CASTM D-127
Flash Point230-250◦CASTM D-92
Kinematic Viscosity at 100◦C6-7.5 CSTASTM D-445
Penetration at 25◦C100-150 (1/10 mm)ASTM D-937
Color (Lovibond)Yellowish WhiteMethod (2″cell)
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