Polypropylene (PP)

the capacities of the producer are 900,000 tons/annum of a wide range of Polypropylene (PP) grades with premium quality, based on the prestigious Spheripol technology and under the brand name of the “NPC”. RGE is capable of supply more than 100 grades of polypropylene homopolymer, random copolymer, heterophasic (impact) copolymer and terpolymer targeting all polypropylene applications within the global market.
This well-balanced product portfolio of grades will strongly facilitate a selection from a list of products for a customer that suits their special application. Besides the general additives, some grades are available bearing special additive packages such as antistatic, slip, antiblock, nucleating agent, clarifier, etc to meet the needs of the customers’ individual applications and remove the demands for incorporating specialty masterbatches to satisfy the required characteristics.

PP  Homopolymers

The grades of homopolymer produced by NPC are available in a wide range of melt flow, molecular weight, molecular weight distribution and stiffness which provide diverse features of processability, mechanical, and thermal properties. Imperial Energy homopolymers offer optimum performance for injection molding (automotive parts, thin wall articles, caps, and closures, etc), blow molding, film (BOPP, cast, blown), fiber (CF, BCF, monofilament, nonwoven, staple, raffia, etc), extrusion (sheet, pipe, profile), and thermoforming applications.

 Random Copolymers and Terpolymers

Polypropylene random copolymers are produced through the polymerization of propylene with ethylene and/or 1-butene mers introduced into the polymer chain. Random copolymers and terpolymers bear superior optical and aesthetic characteristics. Typical applications include transparent packaging, injection molding (thin wall items, housewares, appliances), blow molding, film (cast, BOPP, Blown), pipe, and thermoforming.

Heterophasic (impact) Copolymers

Polypropylene heterophasic copolymers are created by introducing a heterogeneous structure inside a semi-crystalline PP homopolymer matrix that yields a material with prominent low-temperature behavior, high-impact strength and improved stiffness in a wide range of melt viscosities. Typical customer applications include thick extruded sections, pipe extrusion, film applications, thermoforming, and injection molding (caps and closures, pails, thin wall articles, and automotive applications including bumper, under the bonnet, HVAC system, battery cases).

HP525J 3RP340R25 EP440G 1.3
 HP550J 3.2RP345S40 EP440L 6
HP552R 25EP3130UV10
HP564S 42EP548R21
EP548T 50

By clicking on any of the grades above, you can download the TDS for each grade.

* MFR (g/10min)

ApplicationPropertiesMFR(gr/10min)(2.16kg,230 C)Grade Name
Blow moulding for Appliance components, wheels, under the hood automotive parts, toolboxes, suitcases and large containers. Profiles, sewage pipes and tough sheet for industrial applications. Thermoforming trays for cold storage.Superior toughness even at low temperatures. Very high impact strength, extra heat stability and detergent resistance.0.35EPD60R
Film for adhesive tapes and lamination to paper and other resins. Extrusion blow moulded containers for detergents, toiletries and foodstuffs. Corrugated board, smooth and corrugated pipe and sheet for thermoforming. Injection moulding items with very good mechanical properties balance.Smooth process ability and high mechanical properties. Good stiffness and very high impact strength, even at -20 OC.0.8EP310D
Corrugated board and sheet for thermoforming. Blow moulded bottles and containers for detergents and foodstuffs and technical parts for the automotive and appliance industries.Smooth process ability, good stiffness and Outstanding impact resistance, even at -20 O C. 1.3EPYS30RE
(2.16kg,230 C)
Grade Name
Crates, paint fails, heavy duty packaging.High impact strength, excellent processing characteristics.1.5EPS30R
Furniture and suitcases, Sport and bicycles parts. Boxes, containers, pallets, crates, pails and lids. Bitumen modification and compounding applications.Outstanding processability with extremely high impact resistance and very high toughness.3.5 EP200K
Medium sized containers, buckets, pails, crates for cold storage. Household articles. Small appliance, automotive and industrial application. Seats, chair shells, toys, suitcases. Thermoforming multilayer container for dairy products.Medium – high flow, excellent balance between flow, very high impact strength and good stiffness.3.5 EP300K
Crates, caps and thin-walled packaging for cold shelf presentation. Automotive & Appliance parts, wheels, furniture, chair shells and stadium seats. Cast film for stationery.Excellent balance of stiffness, impact strength (even at low temperatures) and process ability.6EP540L
Automotive components such as battery cases, brake fluid reservoirs, wash water reservoirs, dashboard supports, luggage compartment trims & door trim panels.Excellent balance of mechanical properties & process ability & features an excellent long-term heat–stability. Very high resistance to chemicals & crazing. 7EPC40R
Packaging, automotive and consumer goods industries such as luggage, paint pails, buckets, crates, batteries and large toys.Improved mechanical property balance and outstanding stiffness. Combines superior stiffness with high impact strength, even at low temperatures.12EP440N
Packaging, automotive and consumer goods industries, household articles and closures.Outstanding stiffness and high impact strength with high flow properties.13EPF30R
Thin-walled or long flow path articles such as flower pots, filters, filters housings and appliance components.High stiffness, good impact resistance, high dimensional stability and excellent antistatic properties.21 EP548R
Thin-walled or long flow path articles such as flower pots, filters, filters housings and appliance components.High stiffness, good impact resistance, high dimensional stability and excellent antistatic properties.25EP740R
Thin-walled packaging such as margarine tubs and pots for mayonnaise and dairy or fatty products. Caps, closures and flower pots. Videocassette boxes, appliance components, and cool boxes.High stiffness, good impact resistance, outstanding organoleptic properties and excellent antistatic properties.40EPH31RA
Extensively used in house wares and in thin-walled containers for food packaging (e.g. margarine tubs, yoghurt pots, etc.).Nucleated with anti-static agent. Outstanding balance of mechanical properties and high fluidity. 45 EP548S
Packaging for margarine tubs, pots for dairy products, ice-cream containers, trays, video cassette envelopes, caps and closures, Lunch-boxes, cool boxes,  laundry baskets, and flower pots.Very high melt flow rate. Excellent impact resistance, even at low temperatures and effective antistatic. Low shrinkage and minimal warpage.70 EP348U
Packaging, house wares and garden furniture. Items with long flow paths such as laundry bins, drawer trays, video boxes, margarine tubs and packaging for dairy products.Ultra high fluidity. Good stiffness/impact balance, good dimensional stability and outstanding antistatic properties.100EP648V
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