Polycarbonate (PC)

Polycarbonate is a dimensionally stable, transparent thermoplastic with a structure that allows for outstanding impact resistance. With high-performance properties, PC is the leading plastic material for various applications that demand high functioning temperatures and safety features. Because of its durable make-up, polycarbonate is often the preferred thermoplastic over materials like PMMA and Acrylic. Polycarbonates are unique in their working temperatures and the ability to experience minimal degradation between heating and cooling points. Polycarbonate features a high working temperature of 266 degrees Fahrenheit and cooling temperatures at -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

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  • Excellent Impact Resistance
  • Minimal degradation between repetitive melting and cooling points
  • UV Filtration
  • Glare Reduction
  • Can be coated with a scratch-resistant protection layer


Popular uses of PC can include aircraft parts, data storage devices, dome lights, eye protection, multiwall sheets, electronic components and more. Due to polycarbonates ability to withstand extreme temperatures for prolonged periods of time, it is often used in components for various industries, including:

  • Aircrafts and Aerospace Components
  • Greenhouses and Agriculture
  • Industrial Lighting
  • Electronic Components
  • Automotive Components
  • Machinery Guards
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Grades              MFR                 Application                                          Typical Application

PGPC0710       7.1-10           Extrusion/Injection         Packing,Sport,Home appliances,Lighting,Automotive,sheets&etc.

PGPC1012      10.1-12          Extrusion/Injection         Packing,Sport,Home appliances,Lighting,Automotive,sheets&etc.

PGPC1215       12.1-15         Injection                         Optical,Sports,Electrical,Wire and Cable

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