Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE)

Linear low-density polyethylene: Imperial Energy offers a wide range of Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) grades featuring balanced toughness and stiffness and suitable for a variety of film applications such as general-purpose film, stretch film, garment packaging, agricultural film, etc.​

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Our polymer team is comprised of traders with rich knowledge of markets we serve and supply chain operations specialists. We are extremely proud of the long and sustainable business associations we have been able to create as a result of this globally integrated network of experienced professionals.

With local presence across major markets in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Latin America, and Africa we are a preferred partner. The excellent relationship we enjoy with recognized brand manufacturers and global banking networks based on trust and respect has enabled our polymer business to provide best in class bespoke solutions in terms of product availability, quality & supply reliability, competitive pricing and flexibility in commercial terms.

Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)
Salable Capacity/TonProduction Capacity/Ton 8500085000 
 LINEAR LOW DENSITY POLYETHYLENE (LLDPE)C4-LLDPE-Blown Film(Innovene license)ApplicationDensity(gr/cm3)MFR(gr/10min)
(5kg,190 C)Grade NameProduce bag, medium-duty sacks, refuse sacks, agricultural film.0.9200.5LL 0205 AFLiner bag, medium-duty sacks, refuses sacks, agricultural film.0.9200.5LL 0205 HFSealing layers, lamination, carrier, and industrial bags.0.9200.9LL 0209 AFLiner bags, builders reel, Co-extrusion, shrink silage, greenhouse and mulch film. 0.9200.9LL 0209 AALiner bags, deep freeze film, garment wrap, refuse and Heavy-duty sacks. 0.9200.9LL 0209 KJLamination film. 0.9200.9 LL 1209 AALamination film, display packaging, co-extrusion 0.9200.9LL 1209 KJThin film, shrink film. Blending component with PP. 0.925 0.9LL 0410 AA Thin film, carriers bags, garment wrap. 0.925 0.9 LL 0410 KJ  C6-LLDPE-Blown Film(Innovene license)ApplicationDensity(gr/cm3)MFR(gr/10min)
(5kg,190 C)Grade NameHeavy duty sacks, agricultural Film, mulch Film0.9200.6LL 6206 AFMulch film, mailing film0.9210.6LL 6206 LJCarriers bags, mailing Film, refuse Bag0.9210.9LL 6209 KJLamination, sealing Layers in co-extrusion 0.9240.9LL 6409 AALamination, sealing layers in co-extrusion 0.9250.9LL 6409 KJC4-LLDPE-Cast Film(Innovene license)ApplicationDensity(gr/cm3)MFR(gr/10min)(5kg,190 C)Grade NameStretch wrap, Oriented Tape. Base resin for power cable compound insulation (low voltage), fiber optic jacketing.0.9202.2LL 0220 AAHigh quality cast films for display packaging, non cling layer for stretch film. Base resin for power cable compound insulation (low voltage), fiber optic jacketing. 0.9294LL 0640 AAHigh quality cast films such as display packaging, non cling layer for stretch film. 0.9294LL 0640 KJC4-MDPE-ROTATIONAL MOULLING(Innovene license)ApplicationDensity(gr/cm3)MFR(gr/10min)
(5kg,190 C)Grade NameTanks, containers and silos up to 30000 liters, technical parts, agricultural application.0.9384HD 3840 UATanks, containers and silos up to 30000 liters, technical parts, agricultural application. 0.9284HD 2840 UA Tanks, containers and silos up to 30000 liters, technical parts, agricultural application. 0.9356 HD 3560 UA LLDPE-INJECTION MOULDING(Innovene license)ApplicationDensity(gr/cm3)MFR(gr/10min)
(5kg,190 C)Grade NameHousewares, boxes, and closures.0.92625BD 24250 AAHousewares, boxes and closures. 0.930 50BD 30500 AA 
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