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IMPERIAL ENERGY GROUP, LIMAM TRADING Co founded as a holding company recognized as a leader in the distribution and marketing of petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, fertilizers and lubricant products.
By a team of professionals with extensive experience in wholesale oil/petroleum products supplying as well as the development and management of petrol-related retail businesses, the company is an international supplier and trader of oil and petroleum products in the World in 12 years.

We access, develop, service and sustain international commodity markets on behalf of producers and end-users. We focus oil and petroleum products on activities that make trade work better. We invest on innovative business, end-to-end services that bridge the gap between buyers and sellers more effectively. Our activities help to create more efficient markets, reducing long-term costs for participants.

IMPERIAL ENERGY GROUP customers include all key players across the trading space, ranging from petrochemical producers, banks, trading houses and integrated oil majors.


We have In The Petroleum Market

We are Different

IMPERIAL ENERGY GROUP only deal with producers and suppliers who are capable of meeting your capacity and only sourced from suppliers who offer the highest product quality, and easier buying process and faster product delivery than our competitors. Our suppliers are genuine and able to perform.


Honesty and fairness guide our actions. We treat everyone with honesty, dignity and respect. We expect our team to uphold the highest standards of integrity and to uphold their commitments.

Customer focus

IMPERIAL ENERGY GROUP develop and understand relationships with customers to satisfy their needs. We undertake all our activities with the highest regard for our customers.

Fundamental Values

Our values have long been the anchor of our work. They are essential guides for our company and standards by which we live. Ariyan International Inc. has five fundamental values which reflect what we do and who we stand for. They help us achieve our purpose of raising the bar of the commodity sourcing industry.

Openness & Trust

We are open to other opinions and ideas. We value communication and relationships based on integrity with our customers, our suppliers and society in general.

Value Creation

Create long–term value for customers, the company and society. We aim to meet all of our customers expectations and want our customers to be repeat customers.


We recognize that our customers are trusting us and we care profoundly about them. We expect our team to take full responsibility for their actions.

Anytime, Anywhere

We continue to help businesses do more and discover new opportunities. Whether it’s sourcing from your laptop or contacting suppliers, turn to LIMAM TRADING Co. for all your global business needs.

Our Vision

Our vision in IMPERIAL ENERGY GROUP is to be a prominent independent and trustful petroleum material supplier
through efficient and sustainable strategies. We aspire to sustain our company's values by anticipating the needs of our contractor
and clients and by participating in developing and profitable oil and gas projects.

Our Missions

Our missions is delineated in our:





Our Patners:

IMPERIAL ENERGY GROUP, LIMAM TRADING Co is a Global Supplier of full range of Petroleum and Petrochemical Products

SUR United International Co LLC:

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